How To Shop for Eyeglasses

Shopping for eyeglasses can be very confusing. The most important piece of the puzzle is deciding how important this purchase is. If you have to wear your eyeglasses from the moment you wake up until you go to bed at night – they are really important. If that’s the case then think of your purchase as an investment in your life. You can’t work or function without them so invest in good quality frames and name brand lenses.

You have determined that your eyeglasses are important, now seek out someone who has experience, expertise, and good communication skills. When shopping for frames compare apples to apples. What I mean is get the manufacturers name and the model number or name of the frame. That way you are really shopping and comparing “like” items. Just because a frame looks like another doesn’t mean that they are the same. Platings on metal frames really vary in quality. The hinge of the frame is also quite important.

OK – you are in a reputable establishment, you have been working with a licensed Optician to select the frames that fityou and will be comfortable for the duration – now what? You need to investigate all the options in lenses.

Share with your Optician what your lifestyle is like. He or she will explain about all of the many options in lenses – some will be very important to your good vision, some will be important to the way the finished pair of eyeglasses will look, and some may be totally unnecessary for you to include in your order. Be specific in asking about Ultra Violet coating, Transition changeable lenses, Hi-Index or thinner lenses, Anti Reflective coatings, and any other new technology available.

As you leave the Optical store, after placing your order, you should feel confident that you have purchased exactly what you need for the best vision you can have and the greatest comfort.