Value – Service – Price…..It’s All Right Here!

You need to watch every dime you spend today, but did you know that  investing in quality products is actually the best way to save.   We receive many phone calls each week from desperate people trying to find someone to repair their eyeglasses.

We definitely repair glasses, after all we’re craftsmen (or craftswomen,as the case may be)  We stand behind what we sell.  Last week a woman called and asked if we repair glasses.  I answered that “of course we do” and she then shared that we were her 15th call and the only place that said yes.

So, what’s my point?  Well, what kind of a deal did you get on your frames if they break and they can’t be repaired or won’t be under warranty.  Many local eyeglass “sales” stores only guarantee their glasses for 3 months…..what?  So, if you buy a frame for a low price – then break it after the 3 months warranty is up – now you’ve spent twice as much.  That just doesn’t make sense.

So, in our industry, value is related to not only the quality of the item, but also the warranty of the item.  As far as price is concerned, we LOVE IT when people shop.  Why, because if you shop item to item you will definitely place your order with us.

We love to sell premium products, because that will allow you to have the most precise vision of your life, but we are also aware that often budget do not allow for those high end extras.  In that case we love to guide you to the best you can afford.

Come in and let us help you look the best and see the best you can!  That’s what we do and that’s what we’ve done for 37 years!  Hope you better understand why we say, “Value – Service ” Price – Why would you go anywhere else for your eyeglasses?”